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The Howick and Pakuranga Toy Library would like to thank the following sponsors.

Lottery Community

Lottery Community

St Columba Opp Shop

St Columba Op Shop


Botany Charitable Trust

Botany Charitable Trust


Harcourts Flat Bush

Harcourts Flat Bush

Botany Downs



The Lion Foundation


Hot Source IT


CUBE Creative print, design & signage


Home FAQ

The Howick and Pakuranga Toy Library is a non-profit incorporated society. We are run by a dedicated committee of up to 10 people, who organise all aspects of our organisation. We have two librarians who are paid, all other positions are voluntary. Sometimes positions come up on the committee and we appreciate it if you can help.

This is roughly how the toy library works:

1. Join the toy library,

2. Pay your annual fees,

3. Borrow toys (on a fortnightly basis),

4. Do your 4 duties per year (or pay not to do them).

5. Enjoy the benefits of very good quality toys for your children.


We cannot operate without money raised through fundraising. Please understand this and help out whenever you can - time spent fundraising counts towards your 4 duties.


The library employ’s two librarians who run the Toy Library Sessions. At each session there is a Duty member/s helping to collect and process returned toys. The Library can’t run without these members.

Open Hours

Monday:        9.30am - 11.30am

Thursday:  7.00pm - 8.30pm (closed evening during winter)

Saturday:      9.30am - 12noon

Note: we are closed on public holidays and a month during Christmas holidays.

If you are interested in becoming a member and you can only come on Saturday, then 9.30am is a good time to sign up.

How many toys

You can borrow up to 5 toys plus 2 puzzles plus 3 media items (dvds etc) at a time.

How long can you keep toys

Normally 2 weeks, we will allow toys to be extended once for the same rental (you need to tell the librarian), but they must be brought back after this.


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