Toy Library Membership Fees

We have three membership types:

  • A ‘full’ membership means you are not required to do any duties
  • An ‘active’ membership means you complete 4 duties a year, for a reduced membership cost. A duty usually involves helping the librarian for 1 session (eg. Saturday morning 9.30 - 12) although sometimes members may help with other tasks (eg. fundraising, IT or maintenance).
  • A ‘limited’ membership allows you to have 5 visits during the year, without duties. This membership is ideal for grandparents or a new member who wants to trial toy library. After 5 visits, a ‘limited’ member can upgrade by paying the annual fee difference to active or full membership.

Annual fees are due based on your date of joining, not a calendar year or specific date.

You can find full terms and conditions of membership here.

$50 /Year
Active Membership
  • Best Value Membership
  • Unlimited visits to the library
  • 4 x Duties each year must be done*
$100 /Year
Full Membership
  • Unlimited visits to the library.
  • No Duties Required.

Hireage and Lost Toy fees

We aim to keep toy hire fees as low as possible. Most of our toys are $2 for a fortnight - they range from 50c for puzzles up to $5 for large outdoor toys.

There is a small penalty fee if toy pieces are lost and can't be returned, a portion of which is refundable if you later find the toy. Please see the terms and conditions of membership for details.

Please disucss with our Librarian if toys or pieces are lost or broken. Sometimes we have spare parts available.