Toy Library Membership Fees

We have three membership types:

  • A ‘full’ membership means you are not required to do any duties
  • An ‘active’ membership means you complete 4 duties a year, for a reduced membership cost. A duty usually involves helping the librarian for 1 session (eg. Saturday morning 9.30 - 12) although sometimes members may help with other tasks (eg. fundraising, IT or maintenance).
  • A ‘limited’ membership allows you to have 5 visits during the year, without duties. This membership is ideal for grandparents or a new member who wants to trial toy library. After 5 visits, a ‘limited’ member can upgrade by paying the annual fee difference to active or full membership.

Annual fees are due based on your date of joining, not a calendar year or specific date.

There is a one-off joining fee for new members of $25.

You can find full terms and conditions of membership here.

$50 /Year
Active Membership
  • Best Value Membership
  • Unlimited visits to the library
  • 4 x Duties each year must be done*
$100 /Year
Full Membership
  • Unlimited visits to the library.
  • No Duties Required.

Initial Joining Fee - $25

There is a one time fee for new members, regardless of membership type. This is $25 and is payable at time of joining.

Hireage and Lost Toy fees

We aim to keep toy hire fees as low as possible. Most of our toys are $2 for a fortnight - they range from 50c for puzzles up to $5 for large outdoor toys.

There is a small penalty fee if toy pieces are lost and can't be returned, a portion of which is refundable if you later find the toy. Please see the terms and conditions of membership for details.