The Toy Library Howick and Pakuranga Inc Membership Rules

Fees: Fees paid are non-transferable and nonrefundable. The committee will review the subscription and joining fee annually and present any changes to the Annual General Meeting (in October).The committee may consider alternative payment at its discretion.


1. The Toy Library Howick and Pakuranga (toy library) is not responsible for damage to your car in  the carpark.

2. Please supervise your children in the toy library. It is your responsibility to make sure your children are safe and don't leave the premises.


3. Membership is non-transferable and nonrefundable.

4. One family per membership.

5. It is your responsibility to inform our librarian of any changes to your address or telephone number.

6. All members must treat the toy library, librarians and other members with respect.

7. There are 6 places available for families who have special needs, these members are not required to do duties although still pay the active membership subscription of $50.00. Please speak to a librarian about this if you feel you apply.

8. If we have a waiting list, places will become available in date order (date in which name was placed on the list). You will have one month from notification to take up your place or else it will be given to the next name on the list.

Borrowing of Toys

9. Toys are taken out at your own risk. Annual fees do not cover loss or damage to toys.

10. Each family may borrow up to the following 5 x toys, 2 x puzzles, 3 x media items.

11. You are responsible to check that all toys/puzzles are complete before leaving the library, or as soon as you get home. Immediately text or email the librarian if your toy/puzzle is incomplete. Should you return a toy/puzzle at the end of your rental and claim a piece was never there, you will be held accountable.

12. You may not exchange toys with other members or friends, or borrow toys on their behalf. YOU are responsible for your own borrowed toys and they must stay in your care at all times.

13. No toys will be issued to a member while there are overdue fines or fees outstanding.

14. Please do not leave the toy library toys outside overnight. They need to be stored somewhere safe and security.

15. Please take care of your borrowed toys - use your toy library bags for the safe keeping of the toys, packaging and tags.

16. For battery operated toys, please use your own batteries and remove them before returning. 

17. If a toy breaks, please do not repair it yourself. Please advise the duty member or librarian.Toys need to be repaired in a specific way to be effective. We have specific repair people on our committee for this purpose.

18. The committee will review the borrowing fees annually and present any changes to the Annual General Meeting.

19. Spend time with your child. Show them how the toy works and explain that the Toy Library toys are special and are shared with many other children.

Return Rules

20. Please remember to return your receipt.

21. All toys are to be returned clean, dry undamaged and in a condition to be immediately lent out.

22. If toys are not returned clean and dry or there are pieces missing, the librarian will reissue the toys to you for a further two weeks to clean or find the missing pieces. If you have left the library before the issue was identified, you will be sent a txt message/email or both and will be fined. These pieces if found should be returned as soon as possible to the librarian.

23. If you return a toy or puzzle one week late or more, you will be fined double the weekly hireage for each week late and issued a demerit point.

24. When you return toys please tell the Duty person or Librarian about any missing or broken pieces.

25. If a toy is totally lost, pieces are missing or broken, the toy is irreparably damaged or rendered useless the member will be charged the cost of repair, or total replacement dependant on the age of the toy as assessed by the Committee. This will depend on the age, condition, and value of the toy. The minimum fine is $5.00 except for some toys which we stock spare parts this is listed on the toy.

26. You will incur a demerit point for each toy, container and tag that is lost or damaged.

27. Toys with missing or damaged pieces will need to be withdrawn from circulation until the items are repaired or replaced, so it is important you return these pieces as soon as possible to enable other families to enjoy the toy.


28. All Active members when joining agree to perform a minimum of 4 duties per year to help with the successful day to day running of the library. The library cannot run with out these duty members.

29. A roster sheet is on the notice board for the next two months, Active Members are expected to put their names down on the roster for when they are available while in the library.

30. If you cannot carry out your duty on the date you volunteered for you need to, text the librarian as per the number on your receipt or email to advise and rearrange another date.

31. You will incur a Penalty fee of $12.50, plus a demerit point if you fail to appear for a duty and haven't informed a librarian.

32. At the time of membership renewal a member who hasn’t completed all 4 duties will be charged $12.50 for any outstanding duties inthe year before.

Toy Safety Standards

33. We aim to provide and promote the safe use of toys. Please let us know of any safety concerns you may have about a toy.

34. All toys are borrowed at the borrower's risk. All members are required to acknowledge their responsibility in writing on the enrolment form. The Toy Library Howick & Pakuranga Inc Society accepts no responsibility for injury resulting from the use of the toy library toys.

35. The Product Safety Standards (Children’s Toys) Regulations 1992 set compulsory standards covering toys for children under the age of three. The Standard aims to reduce death or injury to young children from toys or parts of toys that are so small they could be swallowed or inhaled, causing choking. We have warning stickers in place for toys that are not suitable and do not meet the Safety Standard. 36. It is the responsibility of each member to ensure appropriate toys are chosen for children under the age of 3, and where a family comprises both children under and over this age to supervise and protect those under the age of three from toys that are unsuitable and do not meet the Safety Standard.

Termination of Membership

Membership will be terminated under the following circumstances:

37. For any member who has not paid the annual subscription within one month of the due date. Such a member will not, however, be released from unpaid fines or fees. Membership will need to be paid in full before toys can be loaned again.

38. For any member who has five demerit points in any one year period. Termination is permanent. Such a member will not, however, be released from any unpaid fines or fees.

Demerit Points

39. A maximum of 5 demerit points is allowed per member, on a rolling basis. A member will be asked to leave the library and relinquish their membership at this point.

40. A demerit point is allocated to a member for the following reasons:

        1. Failure to appear for an arranged duty without notifying our membership person or the librarian before the duty starts. 

        2. Returning toys late, dirty, broken or incomplete. This includes the packaging and tags. A fine will also be incurred.


41. All members agree to abide by the current Covid-19 requirements. Read the Toy Library Covid-19 Policy here.